My name is Carey Averbook (she/they) and this website is...
My name is Carey Averbook (she/they) and this website is a home for my photography, video, and multimedia projects, which are expressions of my visual poetry. More than anything, I hope the work displayed here will make you feel something, wonder about something, and connect with the mysteries of Life. I hope it will prod you into exploring what well-being is for you, for a healthy community and culture, and for our Earth home. I hope my work invites you into a more relational way of being in the world and inspires you to believe in things possible beyond, perhaps, what you've been told and tend to believe is possible. I hope more than anything that you leave somehow in some way a little changed from how you arrived.

I received my MA in New Media Photojournalism from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University and my BA in Anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I'm currently studying Earth-Based Judaism in a certificate program with ALEPH: The Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

Photo by Aleksandra Dubov.

Carey Averbook

Carey Averbook is a photographer and poet living in California.
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